Sunday, March 3, 2013


This week I learned about a new resource for social media on a social media blog. I read a post about a platform called WikiDo. What it does is allows you to create an event and people can search for local events they may want to attend. This type of platform can be used by almost any business, creating events such as sales that customers can "attend," or actual events that can be used to grow your customer base. This type of platform works well with word-of-mouth marketing as many people would hopefully speak to others about events they were attending or maybe ask others to attend with them.

 I really like learning about all the different types of social media and different platforms available. Most people only know about the really big ones like Twitter and Facebook, but its more interesting to branch out and use all resources. One of the best parts about WikiDo is that it is free to use and is ad free so people can use it easily and it will continue to grow. The platform is pretty new, and has only been around for around 4 months so it still has a lot of room for potential growth.

I like this platform specifically for the small training camps business I work for because you can create an event that is a camp that people that aren't in your direct target can find if they are searching for something like it. Its a great new and free way to reach out to a greater audience in a way that is useful to them.

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